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Community Initiative

The Tarkine Wilderness Lodge Meunna offers guests the exclusive use of the Lodge and facilities including 3 luxurious suites with ensuite and beautiful vistas of the surrounding rainforest.

NJL (National Joblink) also present this unique property for use to all Tasmanian community organisations, primary & secondary schools

The Lodge started construction in 2003 – completed in 2009, is located on 110 acres nestled on the edge of the majestic wilderness named ‘The Tarkine’. The Tarkine is the second largest area of temperate rainforest in the world and is home to many varieties of natural vegetation and wildlife. 

The Tarkine Wilderness Lodge offers guests exclusive use of the facility including 3 luxurious rooms with ensuite and beautiful vistas, on-site caravans as well as the campground.

The Lodge was purchased by NJL (National Joblink) in early 2021, opening the property up to School Groups and other local Community Organisations, as well as continuing to offer it for self catered bookings via airbnb. 

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The Lodge offers 3 tiers of accommodation, from the luxury lodge, to caravans and campgrounds 

We use Airbnb to manage all our bookings – Click below to check availability and rates 

what we offer

LOCAL walks

Take a stroll along our rainforest walks where you will discover the magnificent scenery and wildlife that surround Tarkine Wilderness Lodge.

free wi-fi

Our lodge is connected to Satellite Internet


The Lodge is an NJL Community Initiative

NJL is a premier Registered Training Organisation which has served the Tasmanian Community for the past 30 years. We are now operating throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, offering a diverse range of services. NJL is also a Community Based Not-for-Profit Public Company and is also a Registered Charity.

our mission statement

1. Exposing the Tasmanian community to the local temperate rainforest.
2. Providing an opportunity for youth retreats for NJL participants, school groups and other youth groups.
3. Providing an opportunity for retreats for vulnerable participants in the ParentsNext program and other vulnerable cohorts from the wider community.
4. Conducting activities in collaboration with existing Wildlife Organisations like ‘Land for Wildlife’.
5. Practices that allow the sustainability of all flora and fauna in the area.
6. Making environmentally conscious choices in wider practices at the lodge.
7. Running a small accommodation venture to support ongoing maintenance costs.
8. Acknowledging the indigenous significance of the wider region.

Address: 1 Newhaven Track
Meunna, TASMANIA 7325
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