Building the lodge

It was an ambitious undertaking by the previous owners, Maree Jenkins and Richard Summers, they painstakingly worked over 6 years to create this magnificent structure. With all the big timbers used, the angles at which it was all put together, one can say it resembles a jigsaw. But this is what sets the Lodge apart from others, its uniqueness. The Tarkine Wilderness Lodge embraces off-grid infrastructure and boasts a large solar array making the lodge totally self-sufficient while reducing greenhouse emissions.

Rainwater (some of the cleanest in the world) is collected from the roof and supplies all internal taps, showers and vanities. Dam water is used for the surrounding gardens and toilets in the Lodge.

NJL are proud to continue to promote the Lodge as eco-friendly and support Land for Wildlife

Address: 1 Newhaven Track
Meunna, TASMANIA 7325
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